The Mayflower Autonomous Ship

A narrative-led digital experience telling the story of the Mayflower, IBM’s AI-driven autonomous ship.

The ocean is one of nature’s most challenging environments even for the most experienced of sailors. Promare teamed up with IBM and had a vision to create an autonomous, crewless ship to help scientists safeguard the future of the ocean. IBM developed advanced AI and Automation tech to build a fully operational ship that can be completely aware 24/7.

The ship has 3 main features; identifying and navigating oncoming obstacles, adapting in realtime to harsh weather environments and gathering data to fight climate change and help conserve marine life.

This experience leads the player to learn and comprehend the complex technology inside the ship by making them train the AI how to react within the 3 different scenarios. By taking the player through these missions they can understand how important the AI technology is to keeping the ship on the right course and how IBM can create efficient solutions to even the most dangerous problems.

To experience the project click here.

Client : IBM

Agency : GPJ 
Role : Concept, Art Direction, Copy and Storyboard Design.