Autonomous Maze

A team challenge of speed and strategic planning where players are racing against an autonomous vehicle AI.

In collaboration with Cisco, Smart Mobility Living Lab are deploying connected autonomous vehicles in cities around the world. The vehicles move in a platoon formation (groups of 3) which results in lower fuel consumption, less traffic and safer journeys.

2 teams of 3 are pitted against each other and the autonomous vehicles in a race to the finish on a shifting map.

Teams must plan their route before they begin, but as the game starts obstacles appear in their path forcing them to divert and rethink their journey. However the AI of the Connected Autonomous Vehicles in the central lane have already taken into account all possibilities and set off on their journey.

Can you and your team catch up? Or find a quicker route? Have you got what it takes to defeat the autonomous vehicles?

To see a short film of the work click here.

Campaign Brand Experience B2B: Gold
Campaign Global Brand Activation: Silver

Client : Cisco
Agency : GPJ 
Role : Concept and Art Direction