Rain Wall

A sensory installation experience that tells the story of Cisco’s ambition to positively impact 1 billion lives by 2025.

1 billion is an almost incalculable amount, trying to imagine the number is like counting drops of rain as they fall. The Rain Wall brings to life the stories of Cisco’s impact on lives around the globe.

On the exterior of the Rain Wall we see Cisco’s ambition and the total number of positive impacts rising (3 a second). As people step into the space they are offered an umbrella and a set of headphones and are tasked with searching for the different stories within the Rain Wall.

Whether it’s learning about the Mercy Corps helping people in vulnerable communities or STEM robotics workshops for children, drop in and discover the power of connection.

To see a short film of the work click here.

Campaign Brand Experience B2B: Gold
Campaign Global Brand Activation: Silver
Campaign Digital Experience: Bronze

Client : Cisco
Agency : GPJ 
Role : Concept and Art Direction