City of Drones

A team game that tests players perception and coding skills whilst telling the story of Cisco’s drone technologies in Dubai.

Players must first complete two simple training missions to receive their flying licence and prove that they are capable of manning a drone. To control the drone the players must input a sequence of code that instructs the drone to move within the space, through trial and error they will get closer and closer to completion with each attempt.

When a player receives their licence they will be assigned one of four teams to complete challenges for, each task has a different difficulty and earn the teams points. The tasks include flying through obstacles and surveying areas, just as the drones in Dubai perform on a daily basis.

To see a short film which features the work click here.

The Drum B2B Experience of the Year
Campaign Brand Experience B2B: Gold

Client : Cisco

Agency : GPJ 
Role : Concept and Art Direction